About me

My curiosity is something that has always led the way for me – my healing journey started when I found a chiropractor that does NET work- which is a form of muscle testing – having him talk with my subconscious mind and those emotions going back to childhood had me so intrigued- I found my subconscious mind and body had a lot of emotions for me to tend too

I have struggled with a deep mother wound, self love & body issues, not feeling good enough, control issues from not feeling safe, anger from not wanting to be vulnerable, lack of boundaries, people pleasing, & emotional eating- I had a lot of healing to work through- I spoke very poorly to myself- when I was anxious I would verbal abuse myself – and i had no idea I was doing it – I was putting myself into a fight or flight daily- I needed to tend to these emotions and my body was so ready- my mind though was afraid but when I got past the fear with breath work my transformation was so beautiful- through reiki my journey went the fastest- I was uncovering parts of me I had hidden away- my transformation was more about meeting more of myself and loving the parts I shamed – doing shadow work, mirror work and finding so much self love and acceptance of myself- I am such an emotional person – when I saw my emotions as gifts and not a curse I was able to lean into them and not abandon myself- it’s been such a mind blowing journey coming back home to myself