Rachel Ribis Reiki

I have always had a strong connection to my emotions and feel so deeply- after finding breath work and meditation I was able to channel those emotions and see them as gifts- this led me to reiki and I realized my ability to feel deeply helps me to drop in with clients and sometimes their inner children- it also allows me to feel and speak to the body -I am so honored to hold a safe and sacred space for people to breathe and heal

The body is always speaking to us- sometimes in the form of pain or anxiety- reiki provides a safe space to listen and support the body- honoring the parts of us that would like to be seen and taken care of- we can go in and ask the body questions and get curious about what the pain and anxiety is trying to tell us

Reiki originates from Japan and translates to universal life force energy- i channel that energy through me onto you- I have completed Reiki I and II with Anne Cameron in Williston- I am starting my year of offering reiki to the community before taking my Masters

Location- I live in Burlington, VT and offer Reiki inside my home

Price – $80- 20-30 mins of checking in and an hour or so on the table- essential oils and sound bowl music are used along with light touch – plan to give yourself 1.5 hours of time

Schedule Appointment- https://radiantreikibyrachel.as.me/schedule.php

Have questions or need to see if we can make the time a little different- please feel free to text- 802-578-2005 or email – rachel_vtdogpack@hotmail.com

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